They present ‘Steve Jobs Archive’, the new official website of the founder of Apple with unique material

On September 7, the ‘Steve Jobs Archive’ website was presented as a kind of archive that collects unique material on the life of the founder of Manzana.

Laurene Powell Jobs, Jobs’s widow, heads the proposal that offers programs, initiatives, alliances and scholarships that are aimed at the new generations.

The website follows the minimalist aesthetic of Apple and you can see at a glance the emails, videos, images and audios that portray the most important memories of Steve Jobs.

According to the page descriptionsome of this content has never been seen by usersAlso, one of the files is quite interesting because it is a email that Jobs sent to himself in 2010:

“I am moved by music that I did not create myself. When I needed medical attention, it was helpless to help me survive. I did not invent the transistor, the microprocessor, object-oriented programming, or most of the technology I work with.”

On the other hand, Laurene Powell Jobs points out on the web that “my hope is that the Archive will be a place to be inspired by Steve’s life and work, encouraging new generations to make their own contributions to our common future. In this spirit, the Archive will tell stories and forge opportunities that encourage people to expand their own meaning.”

Steve Jobs Archive website.
Steve Jobs Archive website.
Steve Jobs Archive.

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