They denounce the recruitment of prisoners from Russian prisons by the Wagner group

various independent media russians They released a video this week recorded in a Russian prison in which the recruitment of inmates is seen, supposedly by the private Wagner mercenary companywhat for participate in the Russian military campaign on the Ukraine war.

The video has been published by the team of the imprisoned Russian opposition leader, Alexei Navalni, who affirms that the person who recruits the prisoners is the businessman Evgueni Progozhin, who is affirmed to be the founder of Wagner and who is close to the Kremlin. .

“They have sent us a video in which (Vladímir) Putin’s ‘chef’ recruits prisoners without rights. And without dissimulation,” Iván Zhdanov, former director of the outlawed Fund for the Fight against Corruption (FBK), wrote on Telegram.

‘Putin’s mercenaries’: the atrocities of the Wagner Group in Ukraine

Six months of combat in exchange for freedom

Progozhin is called Putin’s “chef” for organizing famous official Kremlin banquets. In the video, the recruiter affirms that after six months of fighting in Ukraine, the inmates would be released.

At the same time, it also warns that “war is hard” and that not everyone would come back alive. In addition, it sets an age limit of 50 years for people who want to take advantage of the offer.

In the recording it can also be seen how “the chef” indicates that the recruitment of prisoners is from the age of 22 and that during the time that the recruitment lasted, the inmates will be prohibited from drinking alcohol or deserting their function in the prison camp. battle.

In addition, it also points out that the use of narcotic drugs, looting and “sexual contact with women“Ukrainians.

It is not the first time that from the West a similar work is suspected. The recruitment of prisoners for the military campaign in Ukraine has been previously denounced by some Russian human rights organizations.


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