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Fish consumption is recommendable Y very necessary to maintain a healthy life. At a minimum, it should be eaten once a week and for this reason, all Spaniards must go to the supermarket frequently to look for it. The Organization of consumers and usersas it has already done with other products: analyzing the best pillows on the market or the bathroom detergentshas compared the packages of fresh hake from all the supermarkets to choose the top five.

Precisely, hake is one of the fish that most benefits they provide to the consumer. It is a meat that contains multiple proteins, is very low in fat and is even recommended to consume during pregnancy. Consumers usually buy it in frozen containers so that their properties are not lost.

The OCU has compared 20 frozen hake fillets and loins of different brands that are sold in all supermarkets. It has been valued like this the nutritional contribution contained in each specimen and in addition, it has been accompanied by a tasting by different people to be more exhaustive in their analysis. These are the five best frozen hake on the market:

1. Auchan (Alcampo)

The hake loins sold by Alcampo have won the prize for the best on the market with 77 points out of 100 In the analysis. In addition, it is also considered ‘the master purchase’. It costs around 8.28 euros per kg.

It stands out for its freshness, its high nutritional content and because it lacks heavy metals. Consumers who have tried it have also liked it a lot: they have given it four stars out of five.

Alcampo frozen hake

Alcampo frozen hake

2. The Mermaid

From the ‘La Sirena’ brand, these hake loins are the second best rated: with 76 points out of 100 In the analysis. They are bought in bulk and can be found in many supermarkets for the price of 13.99 euros per kilo.

has received five stars in everything that has been valued: from its freshness, its composition, its labeling and its nutritional contribution. Users have also rated it very positively.

The mermaid

3. Carrefour

In the Carrefour supermarket we can also go buy a high quality hake. Their frozen fillets have a score of 75 points out of 100 in the analysis. In addition, it is one of the cheapest that we are going to find: they have a price of 6.85 euros per kilo.

In this case, this product stands out for its freshness, its high nutritional content, its high levels of good components and because the users who have tried it liked it a lot. As a hit, its labeling has been one of the worst rated.

Carrefour steak

4. Erosky

The Eroski supermarket sells its frozen pack of hake for the modest price of €7.30Also one of the cheapest. Your score is 74 points out of 100: it has good quality.

It stands out above all for its freshness that is maintained over time, its absence of heavy metals and its high degree of composition. However, it may have some flaws and users alone have given it three stars.


5. Save more

Last but not least, the Alipende hake fillets that Salvamás sells stand out. Priced at 7.39 euros per kilohas received a total of 73 points in the OCU analysis.

Although it also has good properties in terms of its components, its nutritional value or its absence of heavy materials, in its labeling and tasting it has not achieved five stars.

Hake Savemore

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