their “orphaned” dogs already have a new owner

As associated with his image as his bags or her characteristic hairstylethe loved ones corgi dogs of the deceased Isabel II They have been left without an owner and many wonder what will happen to the animals now. Whatever happens, it will be difficult for the animals to enjoy a life so careful as with his deceased mistress.

royal chefs carefully prepared their menualthough perhaps they enjoyed more herding the crumbs that escaped the monarch of the five o’clock tea scones or devouring the toast with jam half-finished that Isabel offered them during their breakfast. canine psychologists took care of them when problems arose between them, and had their own sock at christmas where they received their gifts. For the queen, her dogs, especially the corgiThey were very special.

“The queen had no intention of creating a new race. I saw corgis as a fun between her and her sister (Margarita), and they were such friendly dogs that they kept doing it,” says Penny Junior in his book “All the Queen’s corgis” (2018).

This author explained in that same work that two of the people closest to the sovereign, his dressmaker Angela Kelly and his page Paul WhybrewIn many cases, they took care of the animals personally. However, the care of the queen’s dogs ultimately turned to someone else.

A spokesman for Prince Andrew, the queen’s third son, and his ex-wife the Duchess of York Sarah, announced on Sunday that they would handle Muick and Sandy, the two corgis that survived the queen. AndrĂ©s is sometimes presented as the “favorite son” of the queen, but has withdrawn from the monarchy after accusations of sexual assault in the United States, which he ended by paying millions of dollars. It was he who gave his mother the little puppies. Muick and Sandy, last representatives of the more than 30 corgis that it got.

The origin of the passion of Elizabeth II

The sovereign’s passion for corgis dates back to the tender age of seven, when he convinced his father to buy him one. By then, JorgeDuke of York, was not even the heir to the crown and the family lived a quiet and comfortable life in a house in the Central London. As the newspaper ‘The Daily Telegraph’ recalls, the family already had several dogs, including labradors and a spanielbut Isabel and Margarita had infatuated with a neighbor’s corgi that seemed much more fun than their own dogs. The loving father of the two girls was unable to refuse the request of his daughters and in 1933 he commissioned a breeder to take three puppies to your home at 145 Piccadilly in London to stay with one.

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Elizabeth II’s devotion to animals may have had something to do with her shyness and a character rather introvertas a cousin of her husband Felipe recalled, Pamela Hicks. “The queen is a very private person. She longs to be in a room with no one else. Dogs, horses, her husband… She has few friends, and if she had to choose between dogs, horses and friends, there are no doubt about what I would choose,” he once said hicksaccording to ‘The Telegraph’.

Most of the over 30 dogs that the deceased had in her life they were of the race native Pembroke Welsh corgi. Now the community of corgi owners in the UK feel they have run out of the great godmother of her animals. For Kay Hogg, secretary in Scotland of the Welsh Corgi League, with the death “a part of our world has been lost”. Speaking to the local agency PA, Hogg recalled that “wherever the queen went, there were always corgis”, a breed that he described as “small dogs with big personalities”.


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