The world’s largest food companies in 2022

The world’s largest food companies in 2022

Monday, September 12, 2022

The world’s largest food companies in 2022

Nu bank’s new strategy

Taking advantage of the World Cup fever, whose prelude is the Panini figurine album, Nu implemented a plan to attract new users. Thus, the 300 clients who lead the most referrals with their invitation link and achieve the greatest number of applications to obtain the purple card, will receive a hardcover edition album and a box of prints. (LV)

Solar energy to the rescue

Although Europe continues to pay the consequences of its dependence on Russian gas, 12% of the total energy generated in Europe between May and August came from the solar source, according to an analysis by the energy think tank Ember. The countries that most used this non-traditional source in their energy matrix were: the Netherlands (23%), Germany (19%) and Spain (17%). (ND)

France continues to fail the appointment

For the first day of the Confecamaras congress, the presentation ‘Equity: female business empowerment’ by the vice president, Francia Márquez (1981); however, she never showed up. It is a resounding absence of the official, given that she had previously been expected by businessmen both at the Andi and Asobancaria congresses in Cartagena, and she did not arrive either. (IB)

Rate hike can wait

After learning of the death of Queen Elizabeth II (1926 – 2022), the longest-serving of the British monarchies, the Bank of England decided to postpone the monetary policy committee meeting scheduled for Thursday this week for a week. The meeting will take place on September 22, when decisions will be made to face an inflation that amounts to 10%. (ic)

Internal movements and income

Noticias RCN prepares new changes for its viewers. Andrea Bernal (1980) will return to the news from the first week of October and Juan Daniel Oviedo (1977), former director of Dane, who is preparing his candidacy for Mayor of Bogotá, will join the team through a daily economic analysis section in the night broadcast. The moves seek to boost the figures of the most important emissions. (lm)

Risks for the Chilean stock market?

Although the Chilean stock market is the second with the best performance in the region, after Argentina, analysts see risks in said capital market as of October, since the intervention of the central bank ends, which has already spent half of the reserves in just three months so that the dollar did not rise. Volatility is expected to return. (SC)

Miranda launches line in Bogotá

The designer, Francesca Miranda (1957), will launch her bridal ready-to-wear (RTW) line and her haute couture bridal pieces for the first time in Bogotá at the luxury fashion store, St. Dom. The designer is recognized because her dresses are sold in different bridal boutiques in the United States such as Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman and Stanley Korshak, among others. (ta)


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