The thousand and one ways to use Mercadona’s magic eraser

In home cleaning, we are increasingly looking for products that help us with more than one task, since this will allow us to save time but also money.

In our Decoration section we have already told you about several of these cleaning products, such as Beltran soapa lifelong product with which you can clean the flooringthe cooker hood and oventhe stains of clothes, White shoes and until makeup brushes

but also from the well-known Volvone. A very special ammonia that is used to clean the kitchenstains and even rugs. Another star product is the white cleaning stone with which your blinds will be shiny, in addition to the pansthe baking tray and even the tiles in your kitchen.

But today we are going to talk to you about another product that if you don’t know, you are going to start needing right now: the magic eraser of Mercadona. And it is that its multiple uses in household cleaning will make it an essential in your home.

How is the magic eraser used?

This eraser is a kind of very special scourer with two faces. A white one with which you can remove the most difficult dirt and another red part with which you can remove multiple residues. It couldn’t be easier to use.

On the website of Mercadona indicates that before use they recommend us to do a test on a small surface to check if it is damaged or not. It is not recommended for use on television screens, varnished wooden furniture or ceramic hob.

What is the magic eraser for?

Next we are going to tell you all the things you can clean with this magic eraser.

  1. walls and doors. You can use it to clean these surfaces that the little ones in the house have stained with crayons, pencils or markers. But also for dirt stains or scratches.

  2. Baseboards and passageways. Get rid of dirt and scratches.

  3. Moisture stains on walls and ceilings, such as mold.

  4. Sneakers. Use it to remove dirt from the rubber part (sole and toe cap).

  5. Stains on switches.

  6. Stains on leatherette chairs and sofas.

  7. Removes dirt from tiles and their joints.

  8. Burn marks on the base of the clothes iron.

  9. Backpacks.

  10. Pencil cases.


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