The test to check that you are not scammed when pouring gasoline

Can you imagine that on top of the high price at which it is the gasolineon top of that, they served us fewer liters than we paid for?

Regarding the possibility of «trick» the gasoline pumps, the group Easygas explain what, «When a company acquires a gasoline pump, it arrives sealed, approved and calibrated from the factory so that it cannot be tampered with. And thus, to be able to carry out its use correctly. «

Although it also highlights that not all companies comply with this regulation and that some try to profit,» Cases are known in which the seal has been cut to vary the meter and, subsequently, it has been put into operation again.»

Although it is not usually something very frequent, if you suspect that you have been served less gasoline than you paid for, you have the right to check it at the same gas station with the test tube. So do not stay with the doubt if you suspect that you have been served less gasoline than you have paid for.

The test tube test, the trick so you don’t get ripped off with gasoline

It is a service that all gas stations must also have by law. It consists of, as they explain from the same group in «fix the liters in the dispenser and deposit them in the cylinder. Most likely, the result is the same and therefore, there has been no manipulation. Otherwise, you can proceed to file a complaint with the company.

And it is that if after carrying out the test it is verified that there is a downward difference between the liters that have been served to us and those that we have paid for, the service station would have incurred in a crime of fraud for which it would face a very high fine. .

In the same way, if we require the establishment to carry out this test and it refuses, we also have the right to file a claim against it. Regarding whether it is possible to manipulate these test tubes, they explain that it is impossible, since it is a regulated and sealed material to avoid precisely this type of problem.

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