The sustainable, adaptable and durable prefabricated house

The energy efficiency It is a turning point in the world of houses prefabricated and it is that this characteristic is closely related to the advantages that it manages to offer compared to traditional construction, this efficiency in energy management allows that thanks to new materials and to the implementation of a prefabricated manufacturing it is possible that they offer an invaluable help to the environment. Many homes produce more energy than necessary as the home PATH while all of them are full of sustainability, mobility and beauty.

Build quality is also a primary benefit of the industrialized architecture and it is that we present a house where its structural walls have been built in a factory under high standards of quality and where structures are achieved that provide isolates efficient without thermal bridges, but without dispensing with the comfort and of the necessary beauty so that the building can be considered as a warm home single-family or multi-family, with the latest technology available and equipped with sustainabilitymodernity, luminosity and speed of construction.

Hormipresa presents its sustainable prefabricated houses

The business firm Hormipresa Living offers up to a total of 9 exquisite models of prefabricated houses, all of them of high quality and with dimensions variables to be able to adapt and satisfy the diverse needs of the clients, in addition to prices highly competitive. Then enjoy an analysis and a tour of the L6 house model, which offers you a spacious 235 square meters of surface and annexes of up to 83 meters through pergolas.

ecological home large pool

The constant updating of materials and technologies make the premade houses in perfect guarantors of delivering benefits of incredible technical qualities and comfort, in this way the firm Hormipresa has achieved the development of “Arctic wall”, a wall made in concrete that delivers a perfect combination of maximum energy efficiency and endurance so that the thermal inertia of the house can be maintained at optimal levels and thus achieve a reduction in the energy consumption necessary for its air conditioning.

The Arctic Wall technology is made up of a trio of structures perfectly defined where it maintains an outer layer made of architectural white concrete about 7 centimeters thick, an intermediate structure 9 centimeters thick isolation of high performance and an inner layer of 15 centimeters made of concrete structural.

This insulation system generates constructions that manage to be three times larger efficiency energetic than traditional houses, achieving the passivity or a consumption that is very close to zero, while also obtaining the bonus of not needing any type of maintenance when a comparison is made with other construction materials with similar benefits. Heat leaks are literally eliminated through this type of construction process by removing the bridges thermalthus ensuring the much-desired thermal stability within the building.

lightweight transportable arctic wall

Likewise, the correct combination of different systems is possible to dramatically increase the sustainability of the prefabricated house, thanks to the fact that it admits various management or energy generation technologies, where the presence of flooring radiantpellet boilers, aerothermaldual-flow ventilation and up to geothermal. Which undoubtedly opens up a gigantic range of options related to the generation and conservation of energy.

So the investment in a prefabricated house made by Hormipresa represents the guarantee of accessing technology innovativewhich added to an architecture of very good duration, generate an incredible saving energeticwhich in turn translates into a better quality of life, great respect and consideration for the environment and a very comfortable life experience.

An aesthetically beautiful, ecological and sustainable home

The aesthetics of this type of construction led by the company Hormipresa allows a design refined and very durablean example of this is the construction model called L6, which offers you 235 square meters of living space made up of 2 floors, 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms with a grand style. modernity and with an energy classification of an impressive “A”. In addition to delivery times of only 7 months after complying with the necessary legal requirements, reducing the delivery times offered by traditional houses by half.

efficient modern passive home automation

This model includes yard Exterior, swimming pool and 83 meters of pergolas where proper use is made of the home automation with the firm intention of automating energy consumption as much as possible, while offering technology as a benefit in the management of the means construction and as a great benefit for customers. Costs have been minimized with respect to maintenance, since its walls do not require additional paint thanks to its textured finishes.

It is also possible to enjoy a totality of 9 models with characteristics that ensure that all customers can choose the one they consider to be the most suitable for their needs. personal needs and of course personalized and made-to-measure models, where the spaciousness of spaces is one of the constants thanks to the new architectural trends. That is, a structural system that allows the elimination of limitations when generating ideas and designs to satisfy the imagination of customers and grant the maximum rate of sustainability.

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