The story, and pictures, of a family that travels the world before their children lose their sight

The story started a few years ago, but it has gone viral as a result of CNN have published the project of a Canadian family: a couple decided to undertake a trip around the world so that three of his four children, who suffer from a degenerative health condition that will make them go blind, will fill your mind with images, with incredible “visual memories”. They are also narrating it on social networks, with numerous images of the exciting adventure.

Their daughter Mia was just three years old when the Canadian couple first noticed that she had vision problems. A few years after taking Mia, the oldest of her four children, to see a specialist for the first time, diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa. Then, Lemay and Pelletierwho have been married for 12 years, they had realized that two of their other childrenColin, now seven, and Laurent, five, were experiencing the same symptoms. Another Leo son, now nine years old, does not have the disease.

When Mia’s specialist suggested that they wrap it with “visual souvenirs”, Lemay realized that there was a really amazing way to do that for her and the rest of the kids. “I thought, ‘I’m not going to show her an elephant in a book, I’m going to take her to see a real elephant,'” she explains. “And I’m going to fill her visual memory with the best and most beautiful images that she can,” according to CNN. She and her husband soon began making plans to spend a year traveling the world with her children.

“There is nothing you can do, really & rdquor ;, Lemay said in conversation with CNN, explaining that there is no cure or effective treatment for this condition. “We don’t know how it will progress but we anticipate that they will go completely blind in middle age & rdquor ;.

The covid truncated the plans

They were forced to delay their trip due to restrictions brought about by the global pandemic, and revised their itinerary countless times. When they finally left Montreal in March 2022, they had few plans. The family began his journey in Namibia, before heading to Zambia and Tanzania, then flying to Turkey, where they spent a month. The family then headed to Mongolia, before moving on to Indonesia.

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“Us we are focusing on the views. We are also focusing a lot on fauna and flora. We have seen amazing animals in Africa, but also in Turkey and elsewhere. So we’re really trying to get them to see things they wouldn’t have seen at home and have the most amazing experiences,” Pelletier explains.

They plan to return home in March 2023.


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