The Spanish trucker who caused a fatal accident in the Netherlands had cocaine in his blood

  • The trucker, a native of Murcia, caused an accident in which six people died, including an eight-month pregnant woman

  • Tests have revealed that the trucker had cocaine in his blood at the time of the accident.

  • Even so, the judge has decided to keep him on probation pending trial, although he will not be able to drive at this time.

According to what a spokesperson for the Court of Appeal in The Hague informed Efe,to information related to “the presence of cocaine in his blood is something that the Court will have to deal with later”, since there is still no date for the trial, but the judge decided today that the Spanish truck driver “would not have to return to prison” until that trial begins.

“You don’t have to be in jail waiting for the justice to start dealing with the case, but this is linked to some conditions, like he has to be present in the courtroom during court sessions, and he can’t drive at the moment. The judge has only decided on this point, not on the seriousness of the presence of cocaine in the blood,” he added.

The man, A native of Murcia and 46 years old, he was released on September 9 by decision of a court of first instance in Rotterdam, but his driving license was revoked at that time, with no further conditions attached to his release.


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