the small piece that can cost the ITV

In recent years, and thanks to the LED lightingthe vehicles have given a qualitative technological leap that improves vision low visibility circumstances and during the Night hours. The distance between early filament light bulbs and the current laser is abysmal.

Thus, some halogen lights classics can light up 60 meterswhile some of xenon reach up to 90 meters. The standardized ones LED diodes they reach the 300 meters, and the configuration To be allow a visual capacity of 600 meters.

And if it is important best possible vision while driving, it is no less the fact of being seen. And that’s where it comes into play. retroreflector.

What is the catadioptric?

According to traffic regulations, a retro-reflector or retro-reflector It is a device used for indicate the presence of the vehicle by reflecting light from a light source.

It’s about some small important pieces for the road safety. In addition to being incorporated into vehicles, they are also found in traffic signals. Thanks to their reflection (they get return up to 60% of the light) drivers can react with more time and safety.

Therefore, this retroreflective element has an extraordinary property, since not only reflects light: Simplifying a lot, retroreflector reflects the incident light in the same direction in which it arrives, returning it in the same way directly to the sender.

On some motorcycles, the reflector is centered on the rear fender.

The obligation to carry

The current retroreflectors are located inside taillights on carsalthough in some cases they are mounted on the sides of the hind flippers. Cars have to incorporate four units. For its part, in the motorcycles and mopeds must incorporate one non-triangular and red In the back.

if they integrate only one will be placed in the center; if there are two, they have to be symmetrical. Optionally, they can carry one or two on each side and sometimes another couple in the fender bracket on the side of the front of Orange. Lastly, the bikes Y scooters must be included in the rearbeing red and not triangular.

Cause of not passing the ITV

The absence of retroreflectors or its assembly not approved can lead to not pass the ITV. In addition, they must not present symptoms that affect your functioning. A small item that can cost the back to the station of the technical inspection, once the problem has been corrected.

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