The semiconductor crisis forces Renault to stop some shifts for seven days in Valladolid and on September 19 in Palencia

The semiconductor crisis will force Renault to stop the night shift in Valladolid on September 15, 16, 19, 20, 21, 22 and 23; those in the morning and afternoon on September 19 and 20; and on September 19 the Palencia plant, according to union sources collected by Ical and confirmed by the company.

The direction of the firm of the rhombus in the plants of Castilla y León recognized that the scenario of scarcity of raw materials “in the context of a global crisis of shortages”, in this case microchips, results in the fact that the factories detect a lack of parts and slows down production. It is, company sources continued, it is a situation “carried for months.” The way to pilot this scenario, he continues, is the one taken today: convene the representatives of the workers and, as allowed by the agreement, convene a bag of hours within the deadlines established for certain flexibility measures. That is, from today to Monday and for next week.


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