The safest Volvo in history already has a name: it will be called EX90

If we talk about VolvoMost of us automatically associate the Swedish manufacturer with road safety, with comfortable vehicles, not too dynamic but with above-average quality and a leading technological load when it comes to both active and passive safety. In the brand itself they know it, they are aware of it, and they continue to work daily on the development of new technologies that make their vehicles authentic references in the industry.

Within Volvo’s current range, The Volvo XC90 is crowned as the largest and most capable model of the brand, a model that, back in 2015, also served as a pioneer by opening the way for a new Volvo which, to date, has spread throughout the rest of the range both in exterior and interior design trends and in engines. Time passes, and if the brand wants to keep its flagship as a reference at a technical level, it must renew it.

That is why it has been working for some time on the development of a new generation of its great SUV, an evolution that will be such in many aspects, since this new Volvo will not share a single part with the current Volvo XC90 either internally or externally. external level, also launching a new platform. In fact, even the nomenclature will be different: goodbye to the Volvo XC90, a model we have known since 2002, and hello to the next Volvo EX90, responsible for taking another step within the Swedish firm.

The Volvo XC90 becomes the Volvo EX90

There are still a few weeks left for its official presentation, scheduled for November 9, but the reality is that the first details we have known about the Volvo EX90 are, at least, promising. The new Volvo EX90 will debut a new platform, also abandoning thermal technology because yes, the new Volvo EX90 will also be a 100% electric car.

From Volvo they firmly believe in the purpose that no occupant is killed or seriously injured aboard a new generation Volvo, a commitment that materializes in what the brand has described as “invisible shield” that all Volvo EX90 will equip as standard. Among the components that are part of the aforementioned shield, more than 6 cameras distributed around the perimeter of the bodywork, ultrasound sensors, proximity radars and a LiDAR laser system with which the Volvo EX90 will scan everything that happens in front of the vehicle several seconds in advance.

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