The PSOE denies that consumers pay an extra cost on the electricity bill for gas compensation

The PSOE has accused this Tuesday in the plenary session of Congress some electricity marketers of “try to manipulate” the information on the electricity bill to present the compensation contemplated in the gas ceiling as an «surcharge» or «tax», known as the ‘Iberian exception’.

This mechanism limits the price of gas used to generate electricity to 40 euros per MWh. The difference with the price of gas on the markets (which has come to exceed 200 euros per MWh) is paid to the gas companies through a compensation paid by all consumers Of electricity.

For example, the average price of electricity in the wholesale market on Tuesday was 149.47 euros per MWh, to which must be added the compensation to gas companies of 91.11 euros per MWh. Therefore, the final price is 240.58 euros. Ecological Transition points out that without the ‘Iberian exception’, the price would have been 279.23 euros.

However, the way to present this compensation in the electricity bills has provoked the rejection of the PSOE, whose spokesman for Ecological Transition, Germán Renau, has said that “many marketers are really trying to manipulate the information about the ‘Iberian exception'”.

Thus, during the debate on a bill to regulate seasonal electrical power, Renau said that these companies are “showing a concept in a separate line to that seems like an extra cost, or a tax, when in fact it is a breakdown«.

The electricity companies consider that this compensation that appears at the bottom of the customers’ bills with fixed prices is “distorting” the market, and is causing many consumers covered by that free market to switch back to the regulated rate or pvpc.

The Prime Minister himself spoke about this way of presenting the information, Pedro Sanchezwho in an act of the PSOE in Toledo pointed out that the way of presenting these invoices indicates that “a little more” is being paid.

In any case, Sánchez defended that, despite the compensation, “if this Iberian mechanism did not exist, households in Spain would be paying triple.”


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