The number two of the leftist party La Francia Insumisa resigns, accused of slapping his wife

Adrien Quatennens (Lille, Nord, 1990), coordinator of The Untamed France (LFI, populist extreme left), has presented his resignation, after the revelations of his wife, denouncing, in a police station, the blows, “slaps” and “repeated” physical violence.

Quatennens is one of the most famous figures of the French extreme left, official spokesman for his party in the National Assembly (AN). His apocalyptic accusations about capitalism are legendary, Emmanuel Macron and all his political opponents.

Deputy, since 2017, he was one of the architects of the relative victory of his party in the legislative elections last June. Close friend and accomplice of Jean-Luc Mélenchonthe patriarch of LFI, Quatennens seemed called to a great political future, until his wife denounced, in a police station, a rosary of “repeated” physical violence.

After several months of suffering, in solitude, without the solidarity of any of his party comrades, Mathilde Panot He decided to appear at a police station and tell his personal story. The news fell like a bomb that seemed “unbelievable.”

tension and aggressiveness

Quatennens was quick to acknowledge the facts, recounting them in his own way: «In a context of extreme tension and aggressiveness, I slapped him a few times. I decided to draw a first political consequence. Temporarily resign from my role as coordinator of La Francia Insumisa». It’s a nice way to tell the intimate story.

The police leaks of the complaint filed by Mathilde Panot are less elliptical. The physical violence of Quatennens was repeated for weeks and months. Violence accompanied by physical fights: husband and wife confronting each other, with sticks, in the marital home, with a clear disadvantage for a woman physically weaker than a young and burly husband.

Beyond the relative triviality of a husband’s beatings, the Quatennens case has become a political bomb for his party and its allies, environmentalists, socialists and communists. Mélenchon and other personalities of the radical left have welcomed the “exemplarity” of the political resignation, without a single word of mercy, understanding and solidarity with the beaten wife.

After the police complaint, the justice should instruct a case that promises a lot of gruesome spectacle.


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