The new and unexpected risk for Tesla owners

The testimony of Robert Quattlebaum it is disturbing. “My partner told me that the garage door it was open, but i didn’t remember have left it like that. Later we saw that the trunk was open, in addition to the air-conditioning it was running at full power. I closed both, but soon after they were the same again. At this point I was already very worried”.

This driver of a Tesla Model 3 in the United States recounts his experience on a page dedicated to the brand on a social network. Embarrassed, went to the application of his mobile phone to try to understand what was happening… and what he found is that the car had disappeared of your owner account.

Quattlebaum contacted the telephone service of the company of Elon Musk to get answers to what happened. After requesting a series of data about his vehicle, confirming that it was still in his possession and a wait of more than fifteen minutes, the explanation did not work either very reassuring: “Sorry, Mr. Quattlebaum, but it appears that a vendor in Europe has assigned by mistake your car identification number to another vehicle.”

reasonable doubts

Owner I didn’t give credit to what he heard and his uneasiness remained until Tesla could return the VIN number from your car to your account, to once again have the total control of the same. Because until that moment, and even if it were found across the Atlantic, that person could have performed a series of actions on a Model 3 thousands of miles away: open the doors, roll down the windows, play the Claxon, to start the engine, open the linked garage doors, control the climate control…

The affected by the bug of Tesla claims to feel “shocked” before the possibility that someone could tamper with your car “even without having it physically and without authorization. And he adds: “I am software engineer and I know how this works. Ownership of my vehicle is just one line in a database that the brand controls at its will. There are no guarantees or verifications cryptographic that verify the changes that are made. All Tesla owners are one step away from power to lose control of your car. If it has happened to me, it could happend to you”.

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