The mystery of the “sausage fingers” of Carlos III, after the blue hands of his mother

  • The son of Isabel II always had quite thick and wide hands, something that has been commented on numerous occasions

  • “There is speculation that he may suffer from arthritis or failure of the liver, kidneys or heart,” say some experts

  • Carlos himself has joked about the appearance of his hands and even claimed that he had “sausage fingers”

Hundreds of people expressed their concern on social networks and speculated about possible traffic problems. Some even claimed that the monarch looks “fragile” and even compared photos from the swearing-in ceremony with Johnson in 2019, in an attempt to highlight how she has changed her appearance in three years. Two days later he died.

Although it is not new, social networks have echoed this Monday of the swollen hands of his son, the now King Carlos III. The photographs of the king’s hands are on everyone’s lips, His hands are very swollen. The truth is that the son of Isabel II He always had quite thick and wide hands, but the way they look lately has raised alarm bells.

On Twitter, Dr. Alejandro Macías assures that “in ceremonies, the edema has drawn attention (swelling) of the hands of Carlos III. It is speculated that he may suffer from arthritis or failure of the liver, kidneys or heart. Actually it is not something new, it had already been shown on other occasions. Other users comment on the reddish color of his hands. Guillermo and Enrique’s father may also suffer from some ailment that causes so much inflammation: fluid retention, circulatory problems, arthritis or gout.

Already in 2012, on an official trip to Australia, Carlos himself joked about the appearance of his hands and even assured that he had “sausage fingers. On that occasion he confessed that It’s something your doctors keep an eye on., but Buckingham has never ruled on this matter. In March 2019 he could be seen with the same problem during the visit of King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia on the occasion of the inauguration of the exhibition ‘Sorolla, Spanish Master of Light’ at the National Gallery From london.

In November 2019, during his official visit to India, his hands were talked about again, but this time it was more evident because when he took off his shoes on his visit to sikh temple of Bangla Sahib, in New Delhi saw the remarkable swelling of the toes. In this case, both extremities were very swollen. The United Kingdom indicated, on that occasion, that “the Prince of Wales often suffer from swelling of the hands and feet during trips abroad, especially to hot climates.”


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