the most iconic looks of his reign, analyzed one by one

I have written so many times in my journalistic and fashion chronicles about Elizabeth II in so many years of career that when I returned last night from a trip from the north and read what the world had already known for hours, despite the strict British deadlines to communicate even deaths, I felt that something was over.

And so it is. Yesterday ended a very long stage in the history of Europe and the world.

Isabel II will certainly not only the longest queen as such in the history of monarchies, but the most charismatic and emblematic.

The scandals of Queen Elizabeth II of England (play)

The intense life of Queen Elizabeth II of England, on video (play)

Today we make our particular tribute with ten of her most iconic looks. Ten hits that speak, and a lot, of who has been the queen Elizabeth II of England.

God save the Queen always. And may she rest in peace.

Elizabeth II, in ten looks for history

1. Elizabeth II was married in Westminster Abbey in November 1947. Her ivory satin gown, embroidered with 10,000 white pearls, silver thread and tulle pleats, and her opulent bouquet of white orchids were foreshadowing of her fashion daring for decades.


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two. The coronation of Elizabeth II as monarch of the United Kingdom it was televised for the first time in history in June 1953. He was 25 years old when he came to the throne. Her gown, designed by Norman Hartnell for the queen herself, was white silk embroidered with emblems of all the Commonwealth members and a four-leaf clover. Above, the royal cape of purple velvet trimmed with ermine. Who said simplicity?



3. The first real inns, in 1953, Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh looked like movie nights and glamour. This lavender-blue dress reminds us of the golden age of Grace of Monaco in Hollywood.



4. Her white evening gowns with gloves were as eye-catching as they were plagiarized across the planet. This photo, with Eisenhower, is from his official trip to the United States in 1957.


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5. We would call it ‘Coral living’ now, but Elizabeth II already dared with these fiery looks in the 1960s. This photo is from his official visit to India in 1961.



6. Sky blue was the color chosen by Elizabeth II for the wedding of his son Prince Charles with Diana of Wales. This monochrome look would be like the baptism of her total integral looks for so many ceremonies.



7. They are unmistakable her iconic coats over her dressesan outfit that is one of her favorite wardrobe essentials.


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8. In the summer of 1997 she dressed in mourning for Elizabeth II with Lady Di’s death. No one in the world of fashion overlooked this black two-piece with a bow, its imperial cap headdress, its pearls and the diamond brooch in the shape of a crown. She was still the Queen above all else.


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9. Yellow is one of his fetish colors. She used it intentionally at the wedding of his grandson William with Kate Middleton. With pumps and nude bag and historical pearls. The hat, ‘of course’, with English roses.


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10. Lime green on the coat and printed silk in lime green, yellows and lilacs on the dress. grandson Harry’s wedding to Meghan Markle. Stuart Parvin designed the ensemble which the queen finished off with a purple feathered Angela Kelly headdress.


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