The MMORPG from the James Cameron universe shines in its first trailer

It hasn’t caught us totally by surprise, but seeing Avatar Reckoning in action has been unexpected. The work based on james cameron universe It had been announced at the beginning of the year, although we already have before us the first trailer that has appeared in the Disney & Marvel Games Showcase.

Pandora is, of course, the planet that will host all our adventures in the game developed by Archosaur Games, although Tencent and Lightstorm Entertainment are also involved. We are talking about an MMORPG for mobile devices that will use the Unreal Engine 4 engine to subject us to all kinds of dangers.

Whether on iOS or Android, the truth is that we will have to choose how we want it to be our Na’vi avatar with an extensive customization menu. As if it were Fortnitewe will land by parachute in the middle of the wild nature of the stage.

From then on, human technology or the impossible creatures of Pandora will be the threats to overcome. We can expect both solo and company missions, wielding traditional weapons such as bows or large-caliber military weapons. All this with their corresponding statistics.

Yes indeed, Avatar Reckoning It does not yet have an established release date, although it is expected that “coming soon” will be in our hands in 2022. Meanwhile, you can aim for beta.

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