The methanol plant in Caldas, “priority” for the Xunta

The President of the XuntaAlfonso Rueda, reported yesterday on the declaration as a priority business initiative of the Iberdrola Clients to promote a renewable methanol plant in Caldas de Reis (Pontevedra). The initiative will have an investment of 40 million euros and seeks to reduce methanol imports, replacing them with local production that will mean, he emphasized, 55 direct jobs.

“This is powerful news for Caldas de Reis and for the whole of Galicia”, said Rueda himself in the appearance before the media after the meeting of his government. The Green Umia project offers “a pioneering solution”, he pointed out, which will make it possible to use green hydrogen, together with carbon dioxide from biomass boilers, to produce methanol.

The regional leader reported that production forecasts are around 2,900 tons per year which, among other uses, will be used for the manufacture of various glues, resins and adhesives. The declaration approved by the Council at the request of the Galician Institute for Economic Promotion (Igape) is part of the philosophy of the administrative simplification law, that is, the regulations that reduce the deadlines for this type of project by half.

In total, there are 16 priority business initiatives declared and led by Cortizo (Padrón), Albo (Salvaterra de Miño), Oviganic (Monforte de Lemos), Sogama (Vilanova de Arousa), Ignacio González Montes (Ribeira), Bionerxías de Lugo and Sarreaus (Ourense), Novafrigsa (Lugo), Agroamb Prodalt (Castro de Rei), Hornos de Lamastelle (Carballo), Armonía Green Galicia (A Coruña), Cafés Candelas (A Laracha), Valogreene Recinor (As Somozas) and Green Umia (Caldas). de Reyes).


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