The Mercadona poster that prevents the introduction of scales is a montage

There are many consumers who, over the last few weeks, have denounced through social networks that products that they have bought in Mercadona weigh less than what appears on the label. Many accompany their complaints with photographs of these products weighing them on home scales.

With this scenario, the Twitter account @BigFails has shared a picture of a course poster that Mercadona would have placed in its establishments prohibiting your customers from bringing in scales to check the weight of products.

Due to circumstances beyond the control of the company, it is prohibited to introduce scales inside the supermarket. We already weigh it for you“, reads the poster that has not been long in go viral leading many twitterers to launch harsh accusations about Juan Roig’s supermarket chain.

However, the poster is nothing but a crude mount that jumps out at first glance. The text is crooked and bits of letters can be seen under the placed text. we found a misspelling (“scale” without tilde) and as if this were not enough, the Introduce” “inside it is also redundantly illuminating.

Given the repercussion reached by this message, from Mercadona they have been forced to clarify that it is a montage and that sign has never been in their stores. “that poster it’s false, it’s a hoax“, They have also answered through the blue bird’s social network.

the original poster

In the viral image, you can see that manipulated poster text has been added over the text that appeared on the original photograph. Both below the word “due” and above the word “already” it can be seen that there is a faded text that has not been completely removed when editing the photo.

The original image corresponds to a tweet published by a Twitter user in July 2020. “Given the exceptional measures, we do not comply with what is stated on the ticket for food safety. No refunds“, points to the text that appeared in the original image.

Mercadona placed this poster to warn that, due to the coronavirus pandemics, they were not allowed “exchanges or refunds“for reasons of”security“.

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