The manipulated video of the tiktoker Lola Lolita about the consumption of cocaine: it is cut and in the original it says that “it’s a joke”

“The latest from the famous tiktoker Lola Lolita: ‘I use cocaine about three times a week'” or “A ‘Tiktoker’ confesses that she uses coca ‘three times a week'” are some of the messages that have circulated through the social networks in recent days referring to the influencer and tiktoker known as Lola Lolita who has over 9 million followers on TikTok.

But it is a hoax that Lola Lolita has publicly confessed that she uses cocaine: these contents, which in some cases are no longer available, are based on a video in which he says “I consume coca about three times a week” that is circulating on social networks, cut out and that has been extracted from a longer video of February in which he immediately says that it is “a joke”.

The images that circulate come from a longer video published by the influencer in February in which she says that “it’s a joke”

As we say, the contents are based on a seven-second video that is circulating on social networks like Twitter in which Lola Lolita says “I use coke about three times a week.” However, it is a clip taken from a video posted by this influencer in February 2022 of questions and answers from his followers. In this he includes a question sent to him in which he says “do you like cocaine??? They say yes” and Lolita begins by saying: “I didn’t want to say this around here but I use coke about three times a week”. Then she laughs and says: “It’s a joke, no, the truth is that no. I’m not going to try it in my life, absolutely nothing.” (minute 2:50).

How ‘clickbait’ in headlines can turn into misinformation

Already we have spoken to you on other occasions that clickbait headlines that use ambiguity or exaggeration to gain views can easily turn into misinformation. Taking into account that a high percentage of people only read the headlines, it is important that they contain the most important information of the content to which they link. If, on the other hand, shocking statements are used that do not correspond to what is said in the text, the reader will be misinformed.

Many of the contents that have been disseminated about Lola Lolita and cocaine use state in the headline that the tiktoker has said that she uses this drug, but they do not refer to the humorous tone of this statement. However, within the content there is a reference to the original video in which Lolita assures that it is a joke. This is the case of the content published on September 11 by the Tiramillas de Marca section, a content entitled ‘The latest from the famous tiktoker Lola Lolita: ‘I use cocaine about three times a week,’” which inside claimed that “Lola Lolita said it in an ironic tone” and that “it was cropped”, a detail that is not mentioned in the headline. This content is no longer available, but can be viewed at an archived version.

Brand-published content that is no longer available.

In other content published by Marca on September 12 it is stated that the influencer “ironically admitted that she also used cocaine weekly. In fact, she has been taking this whole situation with quite a bit of humour.”

The video in which it is stated that “Lola Lolita is caught smoking in a bar” is also old and the author has said that “it is a humorous audio”

It is not the only old video related to the tiktoker that has gone viral in recent days, one has also been shared from the same social network in which a boy states that “Lola Lolita is caught smoking in a bar.” After this old video and audio has gone viral again, Lolita has assured that “it is a lie” that what this audio says has happened and that she does not smoke. In addition, the tiktoker itself has used this audio in a video posted to his TikTok account on September 11.

In addition, in a video published on September 11 by the author of the original video, he states that “it is a humorous audio.”

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