The labor cost rises 3.8% in the second quarter and the salary scales to 2,153 euros gross, a record in 22 years

labor cost average per worker and month (which includes salaries and social contributions) rose 3.8% in the second quarter of the year in relation to the same period of 2021, until reaching €2,871.64reported this Friday the National Institute of Statistics (INE).

This increase in labor cost, with which six consecutive quarters of increases are chained, is a consequence of the greater number of hours worked, due to the reduction of those not worked due to holidays and, especially, because the decrease in time not worked for technical, economic, organizational and production reasons and/or force majeure (ERTE). In this sense, the INE recalls that during the second quarter the ERTEs due to Covid-19 ceased to be in force and other modalities were enabled.

The rise in the labor cost of companies it slowed down nine tenths in the second quarter compared to that registered in the first quarter of the year, when it increased by 4.7%.

labor cost It is made up of salary cost and other costs. In the second quarter, wages (all remuneration, both in cash and in kind) rose by 4.3% year-on-year in gross terms, reaching an average of 2,153.88 euros per worker and month, the highest figure in a second quarter since the beginning of the series, in the year 2000.

By activities, the hostelry led the rise in wages in the second quarter, with a year-on-year increase of 40.3%, reaching 1,242.84 euros per month per worker, the highest figure since the fourth quarter of 2008.

The INE has also reported that in the second quarter of the year there were 145,053 job vacancies, understanding a job vacancy as a recently created job or one that is not occupied or is about to be vacated and for which the employer is taking active measures to find a candidate from outside the company.

94.1% of the companies asked by Statistics responded that they had no vacancies to fill between April and June because they did not need additional workers.

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