The iPhone 15 will hatch with a new surname: Ultra

The new iPhone Ultra will most likely replace the current Pro models, which in the coming years will differ even more from the standard models.

Apple last week raised the curtain on its four new iPhone modelswhich will not arrive in stores until next September 16. However, those who have had their eye on the Plus version of the new iPhone 14 will have to arm themselves with even more patience and will have to wait until next October 7 to get their hands on the latest from the apple company.

Perhaps the most vaunted novelty of the new iPhone 14 (it is its Pro and Pro Max mode) is the “Dynamic Island” functionality«, an innovative «hub» of notifications, status indicators and activities in the background that replaces the old «notch» of Apple mobile devices.

The new “Dinaymic Island” on iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max displays everything from incoming calls to weather notifications. In addition, this island, which claims to be extraordinarily “cool”, gets bigger or smaller depending on the size of the messages that make their way into it.

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Also, since all app developers will have access to “Dynamic Island”, this novelty already boasts of being the most exciting on the iPhone 14so much so that it will be copied very soon by Android mobile devices.

Everything indicates that next year all iPhone models will come equipped with the “Dynamic Island” functionalitywith which Apple has turned what was initially a technical weakness of its smartphones into an attractive strength.

In 2023, the four models of the new iPhone 15 will therefore have the praised “Dynamic Island” functionality. But there will be, however, more news. According to the analyst Bloomberg Mark Gurmann, the fact that the Ultra model made its debut last week on the Apple Watch is an unequivocal sign that the iPhone could also adopt this name sooner than later.

The new iPhone Ultra will most likely replace the current Pro modelswhich in the years to come will further differentiate themselves from the standard models both from a technological point of view and from a price point of view.

The market is, after all, very saturated and the high prices of the devices end up translating into more sales.

If Mark Gurman is right, the first iPhone Ultra could hatch in 2023 and would be Apple’s first phone equipped with a periscope camera (which will take the photographic quality of smartphones to a new and great level).

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