The ingenious viral trick of a tiktoker to carry extra luggage without checking

There are hundreds of destinations where we would like to take kilos and kilos of clothes and all the “just in case” in the world. However, increasing the number of bags per passenger has a direct effect on the cost of our flight. So, if our destination does not allow us to take only one piece of luggage or simply does not fit in a small suitcase, pay attention to a trick that has gone viral on TikTok.

Pulling ingenuity, the user @itisivanovaa, with thousands of followers on this platform, has shared a video on this social network in which bypass airport security systems and walks past her boyfriend calmly when they catch a plane to Croatia.

In the video, she and her companion appear prepared with the suitcases to go to the boarding of the plane. You can see how the luggage is passed through the security check, which shows that his trick is completely legal, since by introducing these cushions into the X-ray tape, it is capable of visualizing any object that is inside.

The limit on baggage and check-in has caused more than one headache for passengers, but with this ingenious trick you can carry more clothes without having to check another suitcase.

Arriving at the hotel, the young woman empties the cushion and drops many, many items of clothing on the bed, as many as would fit in a carry-on suitcase.


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