The IAEA director assures that Russia and Ukraine are prone to an agreement on Zaporizhia

The journalists’ questions betrayed the fear of a nuclear catastrophe in Zaporizhia. The director general of the International Organization for Atomic Energy, Rafael Grossi, assured at its headquarters in Vienna that both Russia and Ukraine are interested in establishing a security zone. There the journalists asked him about the deactivation of the last reactor.

“According to the information we have, they are trying to consolidate the issue of external energy supply, including, if possible, the restoration of some of the main roads, the green ones.”assured Grossi referring to a map that he had just shown to the journalists.

The director assured that those roads drawn in green are, in some cases, in territory controlled by Russia. “So that could complicate things, but the focus is on keeping the plant operational.”it continued.

Rafael de Grossi, who personally visited Zaporizhzhia earlier this month, explained that as long as the bombing continues, the risk of a nuclear catastrophe will remain. Two IAEA inspectors monitor on the ground what is happening at Europe’s largest nuclear power plant. Despite the Russian military presence, the plant continues to be operated by the Ukrainian company Energoatom.


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