The historical and family ties that unite Felipe VI and Elizabeth II, aunt Lilibeth

The King Philip VI He had a very close relationship with Elizabeth II, whom he affectionately called Aunt Lilibeth, a name used by the rest of the members of the British royal family. This was made clear in the message of condolences that he and Queen Letizia sent to the sovereign after the death of her husband, the Duke of Edinburghin 2021.

In the condolence telegram on the death of Philip of Edinburgh, Queen Elizabeth II is addressed as “dear Aunt Lilibeth”.

Both royal houses are linked by family ties. The parents of Felipe VI, Don Juan Carlos and Doña Sofía, are great-great-grandchildren of queen victoria of england, as is Elizabeth II and her husband was.

In Prince Philip’s case, his ties to Don Juan Carlos Y Mrs. Sofia they were even closer, especially with the latter, of which he was the second uncle since King George I of Greece was his grandfather and the great-grandfather of the queen emeritus. As regards Juan Carlos I, his grandmother, Queen Victoria Eugenia, was a first cousin of the mother of the Duke of Edinburgh, Alicia of Battenberg.

One of the last acts in which the English and Spanish royal families were together publicly was in 2019.

Elizabeth II of England granted to Philip VI the knighthood of Order of the Garter —the oldest and most important chivalric order in the United Kingdom founded in 1348 by King Edward III and inspired by the legend of the Knights of the Round Table—during his state visit to London with Letizia in July 2017. In June 2019, the investiture took place at Windsor Castle along with other members of the British royal house. To Don Felipe and the other decorations, among whom was also William of Holland, he was given the typical attire: the ermine cape, the hat with ostrich feathers and the blue garter, symbol of the Garter. Once the ceremony was over, the King and Queen of Spain posed for the official photo with the Queen of England.


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