The European Commission activates the freezing of funds to Hungary for violating the rule of law

The European Commission proposed this Sunday to suspend the disbursement of European funds worth 7,500 million euros to Hungary for its continuous violations of the principles of the rule of law, especially in the fight against corruption and fraud in public procurement procedures.

This means that Hungary could lose 20% of its European funds over the next seven years, unless it responds to the Commission’s objections in the next two months. According to this German MEP, the announced measures are not enough.

Daniel Freud, German MEP from the Green Party:

“They should have frozen all European funds by now, because we know that all programs and all budget items are targeted for corruption by Orban, his friends and his family. And then, of course, what we need is an ambitious plan to repair the rule of law, to repair the spending of money in Hungary so that there is no more corruption.”

It is the first time that Brussels has applied the so-called rule of law mechanism, a new tool that allows it to withhold funding when systemic risks of misuse and corruption are detected in a member state.

With the economy in decline, Budapest is in desperate need of EU funding. Hungary is one of the largest recipients of European Union regional funds, with more than €22.5 billion allocated under Cohesion Policy until 2027.

Sandor Zsiros, Euronews

“The Hungarian government is willing to do everything possible to release these European funds. For example, from Monday they will start presenting new anti-corruption laws in the Hungarian Parliament. And they hope to reach an agreement with Brussels this year.” Sandor Zsiros, Euronews, Brussels.”


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