The embarrassing celebration of an Argentine presenter after the death of Elizabeth II: “Let’s toast”

The death of the queen Elizabeth II of England has shocked the world. After several hours in suspense due to the aggravation of her health, the British Royal House confirmed the death of the monarch and immediately afterwards the condolence messages coming from all over the planet. Nevertheless, not everyone has shown the same respect towards the historical figure of Isabel, since an Argentine presenter has gone viral for his embarrassing and intolerable celebration of this death.

journalist and politician Santiago Cuneo began the broadcast of his program Cúneo at noon with a striking humorous tone. Among applause, the driver of the space gave the news of the death of the queen of England and proceeded to uncork a bottle of champagne.

Out of respect for the figure of the monarch, this article will not reproduce the most scandalous parts of Cúneo’s speech, which may even constitute a crime.

[Así ha anunciado la BBC la muerte de la reina Isabel II de Inglaterra]

Asking for a “loud applause” from his viewers, the presenter filled his glass to celebrate the monarch’s death. “I promised that we would toast and we are going to toast, to eat sandwiches”, he expressed, assuring that the disappearance of the Queen “is good news for everyone”.

The controversial businessman charges against all members of the British royal family, describing the country’s Crown as “filthy, pirate, thief, genocidal, murderer… It has been a torment”.

Finally, he charged again against Isabel II, assuring that “As a little girl she was an admirer of Hitler and did the Nazi salute“, a scene that in a few hours has gone viral on social networks.

The protagonist of the controversial images, Santiago Cúneo, is a character accustomed to starring in controversies. The presenter has tried his luck in politics up to three times, all without success. In fact, his vehement opposition to the government of Mauricio Macri led several government authorities to sue him in 2018 for “incitement to hatred, disrespect for the presidential figure and advocacy of sedition“.

The controversial Argentine businessman has also been involved in legal problems when he was accused of anti-Semitism for asserting that “the Jews are not Argentines.”


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