The ‘earth swallow me’ of the magazine ‘Hello!’, with Elizabeth II on its cover

“Stop the presses!” they must have shouted in the editorial office of the magazine Hello!. And then the thought… “Earth swallow me”. Normal, after the stir it has caused. The British head of Hello! has published on the cover a photo of Queen Elizabeth II, full page and smiling, under the title “historic week for the queen”. A most unfortunate moment, given that The monarch passed away on Thursday at the age of 96 at Balmoral Scotland.

The networks have been pissed off about the unfortunate error, for which they have found an explanation: “Surely it went to press a couple of days ago and was distributed yesterday, when it was too late to stop everything“.

On the contrary, in its web version they have solved the error, since they present its digital edition tinted black as a sign of mourning. However, they have not commented on the printed cover. A failure that they will want to erase from his memory, since Hello! is a reference magazine as far as information about the monarchy is concerned


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