The dynamic island of the iPhone 14 already has a variant for MIUI

The presentation of the iPhone 14 has left us with some somewhat unexpected features. And it is that as usual, Apple, although it arrives late to some functions and novelties of the smartphone market, when it does the marketing with which they sell it to us, it converts functions that are more than surpassed into something completely new, and more importantly, desired by the users of many other Android devices. And that is what is happening with the dynamic island of the iPhone 14, which is nothing more than a screen notch converted to a notification center. Now we know that Xiaomi mobile users will be able to enjoy something similar thanks to a theme for MIUI.

A new way to access different notifications

And it is that as we mentioned, Apple is capable of turning everything it touches into gold. Even a simple function like this. The fact is that now a developer from the Xiaomi scene has shared a video on Twitter where he shows his particular interpretation of the dynamic island of Apple. In it we can see how a solution similar to that of the dynamic island has been integrated into a mobile phone with a perforated front camera in the corner. Next to the camera another black point appears, which can simulate the appearance of a second camera, and from where the dynamic island that has been designed by this developer expands.

In the video you can see how when clicking on this point in the form of notification expands to the full width of the screen the multimedia control that controls the music that is playing at that moment. Once minimized, we can see how the same media control is displayed somewhat smaller. This could obviously be given any other use related to the notifications that reach our phone. From replying to a WhatsApp message to being able to minimize the playback of visual content.

At the moment there is nothing official that Xiaomi has developed, but it is a functionality that could reach Xiaomi mobiles via a MIUI theme. As you know, the Chinese brand has promoted the creation of content by the users of their mobiles for years, and this is one of the best examples. At the moment it is a theme called Grumpi UI, but it is currently in Chinese, so we will not be able to enjoy it on our mobiles at the moment, unless you develop properly in the Chinese language.

However, it is to be hoped that it will not be long until this theme is available to everyone in other languages, and who knows, the same is Xiaomi itself, which is open to officially implementing it on its mobiles. It never ceases to amaze how Apple continues to cause great excitement with features that seemed outdated for years. And the reality is that they still had a long way to go thanks to the inventiveness of Apple engineers, who have given a very interesting turn to the notches generated by the front cameras integrated into the screen.


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