The Department of Justice closes the fence on Trump with the summons in a week of 40 of his collaborators | International

The fence tightens on Donald Trump. In a sign of escalation in the ambition of his investigations, the Department of Justice has summoned 40 of his collaborators to testify in a single week. Information is sought on the involvement of the former president and his closest circle in the attack to the Capitol on January 6, 2021. In addition, the phones of two advisers, Boris Epshteyn and Mike Roman, have been seized in search of evidence, according to information from New York Times.

This investigation runs parallel to the one that is being carried out for the classified and top secret documents found by the FBI in the residence of the tycoon in Mar-A-Lago, Florida, in an operation on August 8. The new subpoenas seek to clarify Trump’s management to alter the electoral result that gave Joe Biden victory in the 2020 elections in the most disputed states and that were crucial in the Democratic victory.

What Trump supporters were seeking on January 6 was precisely to violently interrupt the Senate session called to certify electoral votes in order to force Vice President Mike Pence to recount. Since the hoaxes of vote theft began to spread, 62 lawsuits have been filed in courts throughout the country. Of those, 61 have since been dismissed. Number 62 was accepted, but the recount did not affect the result.

The Justice Department is also seeking information with the new subpoenas about the activities of the Save America political action committee, with which the former president raised funds to support his crusade after leaving office. The members of the congressional committee investigating the attack on Capitol Hill are also pulling that thread of money, obtained by Trump and his people with the aim of fighting a fraud that they have never been able to prove. It is about knowing if in that search for funds they broke any law.

Among the advisers mentioned there are some old acquaintances of the followers of the plot of January 6, that has been unraveled in the sessions of the aforementioned committee. They started in early June. and were interrupted in August (new hearings are scheduled to be held, but have not yet been called). Perhaps the most prominent is Dan Scavino, who was Trump’s caddy, perhaps the most famous golf fan in the world. In his administration, he served as director of social media and digital communications for the White House despite completely lacking experience in that job. Scavino was during his tenure one of the most loyal people to the former president, who seems to value that virtue, as long as he is blind, above the rest, and has remained so after he left office.

Trump was in Washington on Monday for reasons that are not entirely clear. It is the second time he has visited the city since he left the White House in January of last year. In July of this he participated in a meeting of organized Republican Party leaders in which he gave a speech in which he once again dropped his intention to run for the 2024 elections. This week’s trip unleashed a wave of speculation. Trump explained on his Truth social network that the reason was “work.”

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On the Department of Justice, and on the attorney general, Merrick Garland, weighs the unknown of whether or not they intend to respect the “60-day rule” in the open investigations against the tycoon, according to which during that time it would be convenient to stop them until later of the legislative elections on November 9. That unwritten rule advises against taking action against politicians involved in an ongoing election. Trump does not appear in the mid-term appointment, but his ascendancy over the Republican Party is such that his mess with the law threatens to influence the results at the polls of the conservative formation.

The Prosecutor’s Office accepts an expert proposed by Trump to review the seized papers

A Florida judge decided that an independent expert review the papers seized from Donald Trump in the Mar-a-Lago registry, in the meantime paralyzing the investigative work with them. The magistrate asked Trump and the Justice Department to propose candidates. The former president’s lawyers rejected all the proposals of the Prosecutor’s Office. However, the Prosecutor’s Office has accepted one of Trump’s nominees.

The one who has gathered consensus is the former federal judge Raymond J. Dearie, of whom the Prosecutor’s Office concludes that he has sufficient judicial experience to assume the assignment. He is a clear candidate, therefore, to be appointed by the judge handling the case.

In parallel, the Department of Justice has asked the judge to continue investigating at least those related to documents classified as confidential or secret, which clearly cannot be related to the attorney-client relationship and that Trump cannot claim as personal either. under the so-called executive privilege. Trump’s lawyers, however, have objected and have implied, without actually saying so, that those documents could have been previously declassified.

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