The dangers of succession in the British Crown

In the end, the grand celebration for the platinum jubilee of Isabel II. In June there were four holidays, which would be a bridge to the Spanish, an incomprehensible concept for the British. And that your sovereign celebrated 70 years on the throne, unique longevity in the kingdom’s history, it certainly was. “An extensive program of public events will be held that will mix traditional pageantry with the most advanced technological exhibitions,” read an official government statement.

It was thought then that many months lay ahead, a time that seemed like an eternity for a 96-year-old woman whose unannounced visits to the hospital, the cancellation of some of her official acts and the recording of messages instead of her presence at others led to to think that health begins to abandon her. Then what? doWhat would happen when the royal family goes out on the balcony of Buckingham and Elizabeth is gone, hiding behind his enormous popularity the miseries of the troops that have embittered his last years? This is what they were wondering then and the time has come to answer, unfortunately, those questions.


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