The daily Euribor exceeds 2.4%, its highest rate since January 2009

The Euribor has risen above 2.4% in its daily rate for the first time since January 2009, continuing its escalation pending the decision of the United States Federal Reserve, which could raise interest rates by up to 100 basis points.

The index to which most of the variable mortgages this Wednesday stood at 2.416%, which places the provisional average for the month of September at 2.083%, well above the 1.25% of August.

with the climbsthe Euribor tries to anticipate the next monetary policy movements. “The relevant thing is that the rates are going to rise beyond what was expected, that it is beginning to be recognized that it is not known how far, because this is serious, and that it is not known when they will go down again after having raised what they have to go up”, point out Bankinter analysts.

Asufin predicts that the Euribor will stand at 2.2% at the end of the year and believes that it could reach 3% in 2023, while HelpMyCash considers that it will be around 2.5% when the year ends and they do not rule out that could be close to 3%, depending on how the European economy evolves and whether the ECB raises rates once more in 2022 or does it twice at the October and December meetings.


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