The countdown begins for the EX90, which will be the safest Volvo in the world

This afternoon, Jim Rowan, CEO of Volvo Carss, has unveiled the first brushstrokes of the new model. He has revealed his name, EX90for this zero-emission SUV that is going to mean a real revolution due to its large doses of technology and that they will have one more time to safety as one of its fundamental arguments.

“The EX90 will be the safest Volvo ever made before” which suggests introducing an arsenal of new wizardssome of which we have been able to meet today in this first press conference on the new model.

Three have been the details that have stood out. First, the LiDAR assistant, an ultrasonic laser sensor that will be able to detect, both day and night, pedestrians 250 meters away that is not turkey mucus. With this system (which will be installed on the ceiling) the Swedish brand intends reduce serious accidents by 20%.

Driver Recognition Assistant

Another novelty has to do with the driver recognition system. For this they will be installed two cameras inside that, through algorithm technology, will monitor the driver’s eyes to see their reactions (drowsiness, symptoms of drunkenness, lack of concentration, soft breathing…) and thus notify them immediately if they detect any anomaly in this regard. If you don’t react, the vehicle is prepared to park itself safelyask for help and avoid a possible accident.

Understanding the outside - LiDAR by day
The innovative LiDAR assistant will be able to detect people 250 meters away.

Finally, the Swedish brand will install a detector to not leave people or animals inside once the vehicle is parked. There will be many more novelties in this sense, as the CEO of this firm assured, for this SUV that will be 100% electric, supported by a new platform, without it being revealed for now no data about the capacity of your batteries or their autonomy.

Made in the USA

The place chosen for its manufacture will beThe American plant that the brand has in South Carolina. His official presentation will take place next november 9 and will go on sale in the first quarter of next year.

Jim Rowan also highlighted that the “EX90 is a vehicle designed to understand you and knows how to interpret the environmentto help take care of you, your loved ones and the rest of the people who circulate. Over time it will become smarter and saferas you learn from the new data and update yourself”.

Lastly, note that this model will not replace the current XC90 and both will live together for a while.

Understanding the inside - Driver Understanding
The new model will incorporate 8 cameras, 5 radars and 16 sensors. The driver recognition system stands out.


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