The CNMV warns of 43 ‘financial bars’ in the United Kingdom, Portugal, Luxembourg, Italy and Germany


The National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) has received warnings about a total of 43 unauthorized entities by the supervisors of the United Kingdom, Portugal, Luxembourg, Italy and Germany.

Specifically, the British FCA has warned of 9dayfx, Infinity FX Market, Forextro, Honorfinance, Nocreditcheckloans, A One Finance, Fastearnersfxoptiontrade, Alprofx, Cryptotrades, Dtpfx Ltd, Globalprimeforex, Sr Trade Forex, Crypto Premier Mining, Timeline Investment, Binary Invest Traders , Premiumoptionfxpro, Fx Smart Traders, Forex Kickstarters, Eurizon Capital Investment and Supercryptooptions.

Also listed are Rumford Capital Management Group, First Rate Crypto, Crypto-Network Ltd, Fx Plus, Matrixinvestment, Expert Cryptofx Option Ltd, Quantomfx, Cryptocloudminers, Crypto Investmentfx, Infy Fx Trade, Capital Traders Market, Appex Market, Daxson Investment Management, and Nuniteinvesting.

Portugal’s CMVM has warned against Ingenue Consulting Llc, and the Luxembourg CSSF against Ahe Finance. The Italian Consob, for its part, has drawn attention to Olympusbrokers Ltd, Uncanny Services Llc, Surreptitious Group Llc, Combobulating Group Llc and Titancfd, while the German Bafin has drawn attention to Wonderkiri Oü and Delta Finanz.

Warnings from foreign regulators at European level can be consulted on the CNMV website as warnings about unauthorized entities and as other types of warnings. In addition, the CNMV website offers a search engine for notified entities.

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