the car that levitates is already a reality

Southwest Jiaotong University (based in Chengdu) has developed a car magnetic levitation which was kept 35 millimeters from the road surface on one of the country’s highways.

Said 2.8 ton vehicle use the technology of maglev trains. From a traditional car in which the magnetic system was installed, the car levitated on rails under the asphalt of the road, but unfortunately, it suffered oscillations that caused it to touch the ground with the wheels.

This test was organized by the Transportation authorities of Jiangsu province with the aim of studying the design of roads and safety measures for driving at high speed, in addition, the researchers want reduce energy consumption and increase the range of distances.

On the same day, another cart test was carried out, this time with speeds of 200 kilometers per hour. A total of eight cars (five of them were new vehicles) Energy) were tested on a 7.9-kilometre stretch of motorway up to 230 kilometers per hour.

The University wants to continue with the development of vehicles with magnetic levitation technology, likewise, this innovation is added to hydrogen cars and electric vehicles to bet on more sustainable transport be careful with him environment.

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