The cap on gas “is not a cost, but a saving” on the electricity bill, according to the socialist parliamentary group

The socialist parliamentary group in Congress insists that the compensation to gas companies by the cap set on the gas used to generate electricity “is not a cost, but a saving”, since the sum of the price of electricity in the wholesale market and that compensation “is less than what it would have cost without this cap ».

This statement responds to complaints from thousands of customers who have annual electricity contracts with a fixed price for the extra cost that appears on their bills as compensation for the limit on gas due to the ‘Iberian exception’ and that, in many cases, is higher than the actual consumption.

In a statement published on Linkedin with the title ‘Big lies, big lies. The reality of the cap on gas in the face of manipulation’, these deputies affirm that “it is common for the opposition to any government to use all the tools at its disposal to cast doubt on the measures that the government puts in place. And depending on the moral character of said opposition, among its tools may be manipulation and lies. What is no longer common (or should not be), is that this is done by a business sector«.

The text harshly criticizes the electricity companies, which “have sent letters to their clients along with the latest bills advising of an ‘increase’ due to a ‘cost’ that is the gas ceiling. And they say it to justify the increase in electricity prices in this way. These companies, which claim to be leaders in CSR and good governance, have decided cheat your customers hiding that the cap on gas, instead of generating a price increase, as they insinuate, has generated significant savings on bills«.

And they add that these companies “have decided to break down this ‘cost’ in their invoices (something that does not happen in the regulated market and that they do not show to their clients under pvpc), to make it look like a ‘tax’, a ‘charge’ or an ‘extra’ that customers must pay, under the concept ‘Adjustment Mechanism of Royal Decree-Law 10/2022’. However, the reality is that consumers are paying between 15 and 20% less than what they would have paid if the gas cap had not been in place«.


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