The British SSE establishes headquarters in Euskadi after buying assets from Siemens Gamesa

The Basque business ecosystem maintains its attractiveness and reinforces its position in the energy transition. It does so even when companies based in the Basque Country sell assets. Earlier this month, Siemens Gamesa sold to SSE Renewableswhich operates in the UK and Ireland, wind assets in various European locations. The British company has decided to establish its headquarters for Southern Europe in Bilbao and has appointed Ángel Hernández del Teso Director of Development and Construction for Southern Europe.

This appointment comes after SSE Renewables completed the purchase of a portfolio of renewable energy projects in Spain, France, Italy and Greece of about 5.2 GW from Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy (SGRE) for 580 on September 1. millions of euros. According to SSE Renewables, this movement “marks the entry” of the energy operator SSE in Spain, “with the purpose of growing in renewables and contributing to the just energy transition”. The choice of Hernández del Teso to lead the project is not by chance. He has “extensive experience” in investment in private infrastructure and strategic consulting, especially in renewable energy, and “he is very knowledgeable about the assets acquired.” The reason is his past at Siemens Gamesa, in which he was, for more than four years, Director of Promotion and Sale of Wind Farms for Southern Europe, Africa and Latin America.

His task from now on at SSE Renewables will be the “development, construction and start-up of the projects in the different countries”. With this objective, he will lead the team of nearly 50 professionals who were even dedicated to the development of the portfolio within SGRE -half of them, located in Zamudio (Bizkaia)- and that SSE Renewables has fully incorporated into its staff.

As the company explained in a press release, “as part of its commitment to this talent and local experience”, SSE Renewables establishes its headquarters in Bilbao, “where in the future the bulk of the professionals will continue to be”. Ángel Hernández del Teso has developed his professional career in investments in privately owned infrastructures, with projects in Europe, the Americas and Africa, and has accumulated a career of almost 11 years in the Siemens Gamesa group, where he was also Director of Promotion and Sales Parks of the former Gamesa Energía.

The keys

  • Angel Hernandez del Teso: “We take on the challenge of creating value at a key moment for renewables.” The Director of Development of SSE for Southern Europe, Ángel Hernández del Teso, stated yesterday that the company is “a benchmark for renewable energies” and wished to contribute his experience “to achieve its objectives in Southern Europe and with the challenge to create value with communities and interest groups at a time when renewables are an undeniable vector for the fight against climate change, the future of economies and society as a whole”.
  • Projects. SSE Renewables’ upcoming developments in southern Europe will add to its renewable business in the UK and Ireland, where it has an operating portfolio of 4 GW of renewable assets, of which around 2 GW is onshore wind.

Previously, he held the position of Director of Investments at N+1 Eolia (N+1 Group) and worked as a strategic consultant at McKinsey & Company. Previously, he held different positions in the infrastructure investment area at Grupo Ferrovial (Cintra) and Grupo OHL (Ohl Concesiones).

The intention of SSE Renewables is that its growth in continental Europe goes “hand in hand with the progressive development of the acquired project portfolio”. Within this long-term strategy, Spain occupies “a strategic position by concentrating almost half of the assets”.

The portfolio includes onshore wind development projects of some 3.8 GW, “with the potential to take advantage of additional solar development opportunities of up to 1.4 GW on the same sites”, as well as 2GW of onshore wind projects located in Spain, 600 MW in Italy, 700 MW in Greece and 500 MW in France.

The projects are in different stages of maturity and it is estimated that more than 2GW of the total portfolio “they are already insured”, after obtaining a connection to the network, an agreement on the land or the granting of the relevant permits. SSE Renewables maintains the objective that some 500 MW are in operation by March 2026, and that at least another 500 MW are under construction.

SSE intends, “to lead the transition towards a net-zero emissions future, we have ambitious goals and this development plan in continental Europe will contribute to accelerating their achievement”.


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