The British Police clarifies that “of course” you can protest against the monarchy


The British Police has clarified this Tuesday that, “of course”, the population “has the right to protest” against the monarchy despite the fact that the country is mourning the death of Queen Elizabeth II, after complaints received by a series of altercations in London and Edinburgh.

One of the incidents took place near the central Parliament, where the lawyer Paul Powlesland held up a blank banner. An agent approached him to ask for “details”. “He confirmed to me that if I wrote ‘he is not my king’, he would arrest me under the Public Order Law because someone might be offended,” he explained on Twitter.

The Police had already taken another man hours earlier who displayed a banner with the slogan “he is not my king” near the Palace of Westminster, shortly before Carlos III arrived to deliver his first speech before deputies and lords.

Also on Monday, a 22-year-old man was arrested in the Scottish capital after scolding Prince Andrew as the funeral procession accompanied the remains of Elizabeth II from Holyrood Palace to St Giles’ Cathedral.

The deputy commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Stuart Cundy, has stressed that citizens have the right to protest and that this has been transferred to all the agents who participate in the special deployments these days, so that “they are clear”, according to Sky News .

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