the basic ones are just the ones that are more expensive

Prices continue to rise with double-digit increases that have been repeated in August. The final data show how energy continues to drive the Consumer Price Index (CPI). While inflation has risen by an average of 10.5% in Spain and almost one more point in Aragon, the section of ‘heating, lighting and water distribution’ has shot up 47%. The following increases correspond precisely to some of the basic foods on which the Vice President and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, wants to set a limit, for which she has not yet obtained support.

In the analysis of the products that became more expensive in August, above inflation and even doubling it, most of the foods that are part of the basic basket from any home. The increase in prices is making a dent in family budgets, with less and less capacity to support the increase in electricity bills and the gas and the hikes mortgages at a variable rate as they are revised with the Euribor. in Aragon, the housing heading rose by 27%food in general 13.9% and transport 11%.

The potato omelette, more expensive in August

In the product-by-product breakdown, based on increases at the national level, the largest increase among foods was recorded in August in milk. This essential drink in any breakfast has become more expensive 25.6% in a year, according to the index prepared each month by the National Institute of Statistics (INE). The oil, which starred in one of the first price increases of the year, has become more expensive by 24% in the last 12 months. Another of the products that are not lacking in Spanish refrigerators, eggs, have experienced a rise of 22.4%. If we add that the potatoes They are also among the products that registered increases above the average, with 15.9%, making a food as present in homes as the potato omelette was more expensive in August.

In breakfast foods, in addition to the more than double increase in milk inflation, due to cereals and derivatives consumers had to pay a 21.7% plus.

When it comes to cooking a first or second course, most products rose above average. The beef and sheep is a fifteen% more expensive, while legumes and fresh vegetables rose by 14.8%. Below the CPI, but still in very high figures, was the rise in pork meat, with 9.8%, or canned fruit and dried fruit, which rose by 6.3%.

And if the food has wanted to be accompanied with breadthis has risen an average of 15%, although in this food there are many possibilities to apply the ‘search and compare’ to find the lowest price.

In the rest of the sections analyzed by the CPI, in addition to the escalation maintained by heating, due to the skyrocketing price of gas since the start of the war in Ukraineincreases remain in lower increments. The proposal of the Minister of Labor is to set ceilings on the prices of a basket of basic products, yet to be determined. The measure has not been well received either by the hypermarkets and supermarkets, with which it has held a first meeting this week, nor by small businesses, farmers and consumers, who are not participating in the negotiations. They fear that it will damage competition and end up reducing the offer for consumers, as well as having a “pull effect” that will increase sales for large retailers.


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