The author of the last photos of the queen reveals her last conversation

Last Tuesday, on the occasion of the visit of the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Liz Truss To the queen Isabel II At Balmoral, the monarch posed for some photos. At that time, few people could imagine that would be the last that would be done to him in life.

Indeed, two days later the queen died at 96 years of age. Now, the photographer who captured the last public images of Queen Elizabeth II before her death has revealed what was the last conversation of the late monarch.

Jane Barlow, an Associated Press photographer, was sent to Balmoral to capture the meeting between the queen and the new prime minister. Barlow described his last conversation with the queen and revealed how the mood at Balmoral was at the time, collects the Mirror.

Before Truss arrived, Barlow was alone with the Queen for a few minutes and decided to take some photos of her. He said that saw the queen “fragile” but in “good spirits”, and had a typical conversation: about the weather.

According to Barlow, the queen talked a bit about the weather, about the cloudy sky and about the heavy rains that had fallen throughout the day. When Truss entered the room, the queen greeted her with a “big smile,” Barlow said.

Queen Elizabeth II in her last public appearance before her death
Queen Elizabeth II in her last public appearance before her death.

“It’s a real privilege to be able to take that photo, an honor and a privilege. It’s like that for a lot of our work. I was there to photograph her meeting the new prime minister, but for me the best image was of the queen alone. And obviously has become more significant now“added the photojournalist.


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