The “atrocities” of the Wagner group in Mali strengthen the position of the jihadists

The action in Mali, and nations in the area, of the Russian Wagner group, a company of mercenaries at the service of Putin’s interests in Africa and other countries of the world, is on the way to reinforcing jihadism instead of controlling and annihilating it. The alleged atrocities, denounced by various media and organizations, committed by the “soldiers of fortune”, destroying towns with the death of their inhabitants and assuming that they are all “bad”, the only thing they achieve is that the population seeks “justice”. ” in those who are willing to exercise it, Sharia in hand: the Islamic State (Isis, Daesh).

In its latest publications, the jihadist gang reports various attacks on Wagner members, with the death of several dozen of them.

Within the strategy of becoming the dominant group, attacks against Al Qaeda affiliates in the area (JNIM) persist, with the death of numerous members of the terrorist group. these jihadists also confront Wagner to win over the population.


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