“The Atlantic has woken up in September, with a tropical storm, a hurricane and three developing systems”

A tropical wave that could become a cyclone in the next five days and that heading north from the Central Atlantic could affect the Canary Islands from Saturday, where it will leave heavy rains and storms, according to the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET). Until then, intense rainfall and strong storms will affect the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands and can cause flooding in the Mediterranean.

The AEMET spokesman, Rubén del Campo, explained that the National Hurricane Center (NHC), which is responsible for monitoring and forecasting tropical cyclones in the Atlantic, is monitoring a tropical wave that moves from the interior of the African continent towards its western coast and which has a 50 percent chance of becoming a tropical cyclone within the next five days on its way north towards the Canary Islands. This system of tropical characteristics “will move over oceanic waters in the coming days in a northerly direction and on its way it will find favorable conditions for its intensification.”


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