The 30 events that mark the long reign of Elizabeth II

Elizabeth’s reign spanned the Victorian era into the modern era. Her first prime minister, Winston Churchillwas born in 1874, while his last Liz Truss he was born 101 years later, in 1975.

April 21, 1926.- Born in London.

December 11, 1936.- His father George VI ascends the throne.

November 20, 1947.– She marries Philip of Mountbatten, in Westminster Abbey.

November 14, 1948.- Prince Charles, his eldest son and heir to the throne, is born.

February 6, 1952.– King George VI dies. Elizabeth becomes queen.

1954.– First tour of the Commonwealth as queen.

July 29, 1981.- His son Carlos marries Lady Diana Frances Spencer.

June 21, 1982.- Guillermo is born, eldest son of Prince Carlos and second in line of succession.

November 24, 1992.- He describes the year that was ending as “annus horribilis” for the British monarchy, during which his sons Carlos and Andrés separated and his daughter Ana divorced. In addition, a few days before a fire caused serious damage to Windsor Castle.


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