The 13th generation of Intel processors, Raptor Lake, looks at 6 GHz speed without ‘overclocking’

MADRID, Sep. 12 (Portaltic/EP) –

Intel Corporation has announced that Raptor Lakethe family that gives its name to its 13th generation of processors, will include at least one capable of reaching 6GHz of speed without ‘overclock’.

The company has released more details about its new generation of chips at the Intel Technology Tour that it has held in Israel. The medium has been there Tom’s Hardwarewhich has echoed his presentation.

Within this, a fact stands out above the rest according to which at least one of its new processors will be able to reach 6Ghz speed without resorting to ‘overclocking’. This technique consists of increasing the clock frequency of a component above manufacturer specifications.

The figure can place the Intel processor up to 300MHz above the 5.7 GHz speed offered by the most advanced version of the chips Ryzen 7000 recently presented by amd.

In case of ‘overclocking’ and thanks to liquid nitrogen, Intel has ensured that the processor is capable of reaching 8 Ghz speed. Its new generation, which is called Raptor Lake, also includes a 15 percent improvement in single-threaded tasks and 41 percent in multi-threaded compared to Alder Lake (12th generation).

The company is expected to offer new details at its event. Innovation 2022, which will take place in San José (California, United States) on September 27.

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