Ten dead and four missing, including a child, in a rainstorm in central Italy

Ten people have died from the effects of the rainstorm that has shaken central Italy early this Friday. Four are missing, including a six-year-old boy who was in the arms of his mother in a car. Firefighters were able to rescue the mother, but the minor was swept away by the flood.

All the victims are counted in the Marche region, where in just over two hours it has fallen the same amount of water as in a whole yearreported the head of Civil Protection, Fabrizio Curcio.

Curcio has described what happened that night as a “disaster” which, he regrets, is only a preview of what will come in the fall and winter. “You have to prepare for these phenomena, which will be more and more common,” he warned in an interview on Sky24 television.

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“No time”

The spokesman has assured that “these levels were not expected”, that “it was sudden” and in a greater proportion than expected. In some places, this time the head of Civil Protection in the region, Stefano Aguzzi, has pointed out, “there was no time to intervene” nor to warn people, who “could have gone out into the street without realizing the danger they were in,” says the newspaper The Republic.

Four of the seven bodies have been found in a garage in the town of Senigallia. Several towns in the province of Ancona have been severely damaged, with damage also occurring in the nearby regions of Tuscany and Umbria. About 200 firefighters work in search of those affected who require a rescue.

Filippo Saltamartini, responsible for Health in the Marches, has said that “people have been saved by climbing trees and onto car roofs“. In an interview with Radio Capital, he spoke of water rushing towards the sea in Ancona, landslides, blocked roads and ambulances without access to the main sources of the storm. The only relief is that it has stopped raining.

The tragedy has taken place in the middle of the campaign for the general elections, held on Sunday, September 25. All parties have canceled their acts.


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