Susan, Elizabeth II’s first pet whose family always accompanied her

The dogs They are a fundamental part of some people’s lives. Virtually everyone has had experiences at some point in their life with this animal. In addition, for many it is one more member of the family thanks to its personality.

The dogs have thus accompanied the humans during centuries. Since the first hunts this animal has created a unique union with people. Dogs are one of the most intelligent animals on the planet. They have even been extensively studied by scientists to find out multiple details about their organism.

Throughout history there have been all kinds of personalities with a great fondness for dogs. One of them has been the Queen Elizabeth II of England whose passion for dogs has been one of the hallmarks of his personality. In addition, the monarch always highlighted her love for horses.

Death Elizabeth II of England has managed to go around the world given the importance of the figure in the last century. The monarch, the oldest in her country, died yesterday Thursday after half past six in the afternoon, English time, as announced by the country’s own Royal House in a message. Their reign has been prolonged 70 years. Now, it will be his son, Carlos III, who takes the reins of the British crown.


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