Surveys will come to WhatsApp via the browser with WhatsApp Web beta | Technology

If you don’t agree in a WhatsApp conversation, reaching a common point may soon be much easier thanks to the fact that the instant messaging application is working on integrating surveys.

WhatsApp It has been integrating new features for several months both to improve security and to make the application more attractive to users. Among all these improvements that have come, are coming and will come to the instant messaging application, there are several that are still in test mode.

Today it has come to light that WhatsApp would be working on the integration of surveys, although this feature would only be available for WhatsApp beta in its desktop version. Come on, users of WhatsApp stable on mobile phones both Android and iOS they will not be able to access this feature yet.

What has been seen thanks to WaBetaInfo that a few weeks ago showed the changes in the operation of WhatsApp backups, is that the surveys would become a feature within WhatsApp. The operation of these surveys has not yet been fully broken down.

At the moment what has been seen thanks to the shared image of this feature in whatsapp web beta is that surveys can be customized. This customization allows the users who create them to add a question and offer different options for the rest of the people to answer.

The options that will be displayed within the WhatsApp survey are, at the moment, two and this makes it a fairly simple survey. The truth is that WhatsApp could have taken the example of Telegram and added more features to these surveys, since eIn Telegram the limit of options far exceeds those offered by WhatsApp.

Furthermore, it is also not known whether these polls will be binding and therefore show the people who have voted and the options they have chosen. Come on, there is still a lot to see about this feature that is available in whatsapp-beta. We will have to be patient to know all the changes that are expected to come.

Meanwhile, the only thing that can be done is to guess what the integration of this new functionality will be like within whatsapp webbeta. Of course, it is strange that it first reaches the desktop version and not the mobile version of WhatsApp when this is one of the most used globally by users.

interesting to see the changes that will come with WhatsApp and, above all, the news regarding security for users’ private information. The pace of updates may have been pressured by the news that keeps coming to other messaging applications such as Telegram.

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