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It has been known for some time that WhatsApp is working on something that should have been part of the messaging app for a long time: polls. Well, today additional information has become known that is important and that shows that the arrival of this possibility is, finally, much closer.

The usefulness of this function is undeniable, since it solves many problems that are found in groups when making a decision and even meeting. Therefore, the inclusion of the possibility of conducting surveys in WhatsApp It is something as expected as it is essential for the app to offer an adequate service (especially if you take into account that many of its rivals already offer this possibility, with Telegram in the lead).

What has been known about WhatsApp surveys

To begin with, thanks to an image that we leave after this paragraph, the chosen way to create an account on the platform has been discovered. Contrary to what some indicate that they would have a specific section on the home page, the company has finally decided on something much more effective and appropriate: add an additional button in the possibilities that can be chosen content to attach in the icon represented by a clip: That is, it adds to possibilities such as inserting a document or an image that you have in the terminal.

Creating polls on WhatsApp


The image is completely representative, and from the source of information It is indicated that this will be the shared form that will be offered in the different versions of WhatsApp that exist. Thus, for example, there will be no difference between what has to be done in the desktop application compared to what exists for iOS or Android. And, this is all true, since the uniformity in the multiplatform is key to have success.

Some more data regarding the surveys

One of the important ones is that, for the moment, it is believed that initially they will be up to 12 options that can be set among the possibilities that can be chosen among the participants. It seems more than enough for the vast majority of cases, but a subsequent increase would not be a bad idea because it is possible that on some occasion these are less than necessary. In addition, it will be checked that no one can vote twice through an identification system -by means of the telephone number associated with the user and who is present in the group-.

At the moment the tests of the surveys have begun, but with some chosen users. Therefore, they are not active neither in the version of whatsapp test. That is to say, it is more than possible that you have to wait until 2023 to make surveys a reality for everyone. And, the truth is that these types of options are the ones that increase the usefulness of a messaging application, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea for the company to speed everything up.


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